As Vivit, we offer you the best of everything with the quality brands we work with. On this page, you can reach qualified brands.

Vivita water aims to bring the natural resources of Bosnia to you in the purest way since the first day of bottling. Being naturally filtered in clear water sources, Vivita water reaches you untouched. Thanks to this water with high mineral content, you can experience the perfect water taste.

Divina takes care of the rights of all farmers by minimizing our impact on coffee-producing countries while striving to deliver high quality and flavor to its customers in the best way possible. Using the best quality coffee beans in the world, Divina offers 4 different product types to coffee lovers: Efendim Turkish Coffee, Arabica Selection, Special Blende Espresso Diamond.

With the awareness of presenting the values ​​in the nature of water and mineral water for the benefit of the society, Sırma has determined to offer natural, healthy, and delicious water & mineral water products that increase the quality of life of individuals and contribute to their happiness by using and developing their resources most efficiently.

DIMES continues to carry its fruity, varied, and delicious products produced with respect to nature and people on a global scale. It preserves the miracle of nature and ensures the continuation of its sustainable ideals by managing all processes by itself and choosing the best ones in the value chain established from soil to human.

Embracing and developing the beer culture with social life, Anadolu Efes is one of the leading players in the beer and soft drink market in large operational geography. Efes Pilsener, which continues to bring its products together with global consumers as an indispensable accompanist of pleasant moments with its taste and quality indisputable brands, continues its operations successfully.