Efes Pilsen Can

Efes Pilsen Can

Quality and innovation are indispensable in our brands that we have been bringing consumers around the world.

We add a particular stage to our production process with the +1 Resting Technique. With this particular stage, which doubles the resting time of the malt in the beer production process, we ensure that the malt flavour passes more to the beer.

With this particular technique that requires mastery, we now produce our Ephesus brands for a longer time, patiently and gradually. The +1 Resting Technique, approved by VLB Berlin, one of the world’s leading Beer Standards Institutes, is set to become a new production technique used in the beer literature.

In our half-century of history, we have always worked to do better, and we will continue to do so.

We hope to meet at +1 of the joy!