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Imaginez toute la beauté que la nature nous apporte et permettez-nous de vous faire découvrir le super pouvoir de la nature. Invitez les bonnes vibrations dans votre vie avec la magie de la nature et la propagation de la santé.

Vivit a pour objectif d’être le centre des produits haut de gamme et de les rendre accessibles aux consommateurs et vous apporte les ressources de la nature de la manière la plus pure. Chaque produit Vivit vous parviendra intact.

Nous sommes toujours fiers de vous apporter le goût parfait et de créer une excellente expérience avec Vivit. Vivit jette un pont de vie entre vous et la nature avec son goût parfait et ses produits écologiques.

Tout le monde mérite une boisson et des repas raffinés. Vivit s’efforce de trouver les boissons et les aliments parfaits pour vous faire découvrir son goût parfait.

Vivit fait partie du groupe Krautz-TEMAX.

KRAUTZ, headquartered in Belgium, pharmaceutical health products, food products, chemicals etc. is a multinational company specializing in the development and manufacture/manufacturing of thermal packaging and thermal logistics solutions for the transport and distribution of time and temperature sensitive products such as TEMAX is a worldwide registered Trademark (TM) of Krautz and represents a range of specially developed multilayer insulation materials used as a passive cooling/packaging system for temperature protection of time-sensitive products.

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NitaTrans is a transport company, part of the Krautz-TEMAX Group, headquartered in Belgium. NitaTrans serves in the European transport industry with 17 employees with a fleet of 8 Jumbo, 2 Mega and 1 Frigo truck.
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The Max World

The Max is an initiative of Krautz-Temax and is located in the former mining sites of Heusden-Zolder, in the “Central Warehouse” and “Sustainable Building” structures. Both are unique milestones in ancient mining history. Inside The Max buildings, there is a business center, open offices, conference rooms, secretarial and Information Technology Services for office tenants, Conference Room, event rooms, fitness and physiotherapy, health, Brasserie Lavandi, hotel, Cigar Club, Jazz Cafe, bicycle route and shops. It is expected that the current pandemic period will ease for TheMax formations to become operational.

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Lavandi Brasserie

Carrying elements of Art Nouveau and modernism, Lavandi Brasserie will be included in the service as a restaurant serving gourmet delicacies, with a capacity of about 200 people.

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Stingray Jazz Café

The Jazz Cafe offers a unique experience in a luxurious setting with an outdoor stage for beginner and experienced musicians. TheMax’s Jazz cafe is located in the building known as the “Central Warehouse” and tries to combine a pleasant atmosphere with a luxurious environment. Stingray is waiting for the current pandemic conditions to ease to host its distinguished guests.

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Hotcoldshop, part of the Krautz-TEMAX group, is a brand that has an e-commerce website where all kinds of products related to insulation and heat can be found.

Hotcoldshop offers thermal packaging solutions for the transport of time-temperature sensitive products, insulation panels and solutions for insulating buildings and warehouses, thermal clothing to keep you warm in wintertimes, temperature-related household equipment, temperature measuring tools, and more.

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Temax XPS

Temax XPS is part of the Krautz-TEMAX Group and produces a material used for thermal insulation by extrusion from polystyrene. Temax XPS, whose production facility is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has identified Balkan and European construction companies as its target market. It is environmentally friendly and produced with sustainable energy and 100% recyclable zero-waste technology. Thermal insulation is used to keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter, so thermal insulation is important for cooling and heating expenses.

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The Max Media

The Max Media operates corporate identity and brand management of all companies affiliated with the Krautz TEMAX Group. This structure includes corporate websites and planned e-commerce sites. In addition, our team includes an art director, a print graphic artist, a project expert, corporate communications experts and expert assistants. In the short term, the planned work is to produce and market corporate identity, corporate website, e-commerce sites and various apps to 3rd parties.

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