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Vivit is a wholesale distributor company of brew. Everything you want of brew, beer, wine, you can find in Vivit. Also you can buy wholesale all the brew drinks which are wine, beer and alcohol drinks. When you order high-capacity purchases, you can also get a discount. We can help you as a wholesale beer and wine distributor for discount

The beverage that accompanies your fine meals and refreshes the hot moments is of course beer. Beer, the beverage of the highest quality obtained from barley and hops, is waiting for you, our supplier customers. We offer the best quality products to our customers by purchasing the best quality products from our beverage distributors who produce the best alcoholic, brewed, and malt beers in their lane. We know that our supplier customers are responsible to their customers and we fulfil our responsibility to our supplier customers in this beverage industry.

Our beverage distributors deliver the beer, which is always the saviour of the moment, to you, our supplier customers, by brewing it with old and special brewing techniques. The journey of beer, which starts with the adventure of brewing the best quality barley and the most delicious hops, first takes place in the bottles and then on the pallets of our beverage distributor and beverage supplier customers.

Our beverage supplier customers don’t need to worry about shipping. We know that alcoholic beverages and beer bottles are delicate and heavy, and we strive to deliver your products to you in the best way possible. You can order from our site with block pallets, as well as calculate the weight. Our supplier customers, who will make larger beverage purchases, can contact us.

You should add these delicious flavored beers to your restaurant menus. Our supplier customers do not need to doubt the taste when purchasing our beers. Our beers are procured from the highest quality brewers, which are distributors of beverages and beer. Beer, which is an extremely delicious drink, will accompany you both in your meals and in cooling the hot weather.