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Vivit is a distributor and producer company of soft drinks as well. It woks with world brands you to reach quality soft drinks. Juice, nectar, water, mineral water, table water, smoothie, coffee, ice coffee etc… Whatever you want about soft drinks you can find in Vivit. It sells Juice, nectar, water, mineral water, table water, smoothie, coffee and ice coffee opportunities for wholesale. If you want to buy a high-capacity purchase, Vivit offers a discount for you. Vivit’s distributors are really quality and confidential brands in the soft drink sector.

Are you looking for a soft drink distributorship? Then you are in the right place. Fruit juices and sodas made from top-quality fruits are waiting for suppliers and juice distributors who are considering wholesale juice, wholesale nectar, and wholesale soft drinks. In our product range where you can find the best quality drinks, we deliver the drinks wholesale to block pallets.

We are proud to offer the highest quality products to our supplier customers who want to buy wholesale juice and wholesale nectar. We offer a wide variety of fruity mineral waters, flavored mineral waters, fruit nectars, fruit juices to our customers as beverage suppliers and fruit juice suppliers. You just choose your products as the supplier-customer, you don’t have to worry about the shipping of the products because we create the most convenient shipping plan for our suppliers and customers.

Our fruit juice distributor customers are the most preferred ones in their own circles in the beverage industry. While selling wholesale fruit juice, we ensure that our supplier customers reach the highest quality product in the best way. While undertaking the distributorship of the quality fruit juices we purchase from our customers, we also strive to minimize costs.

Don’t let the quality of our drinks leave a question mark in your mind. Fruit drinks are presented to you, our customers, in the most delicious way, with freshly picked fruits in the season. Our fruit juice and nectar varieties, which will remain on your palate, are waiting for our supplier customers. Choose the soft drink you want and we will send it to you in the most convenient way.